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Residential Landscaping Services

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Landscaping is defined as the process and the art of enhancing the look and aesthetic appeal of the area surrounding a residential home. Every house and its landscaped environment must be a true reflection of who lives there as it speaks of first impressions of both the homeowner and residents.  

A well-designed landscaped environment will improve the value of a residential property, while also adding curb appeal and overall beauty to the surroundings. 

Before You Begin 

Landscaping can be challenging for those not used to working with soil or plant materials. It involves laying the groundwork for planting by excavating large amounts of dirt, transporting it to the site, and then planting large plants (with good soil) around and under the house. The project may require back-breaking work including moving walls, digging foundations, etc and in most instances, major works or designs are completed by hiring design companies. 

The most common landscaping project is the planting of trees. One of the main reasons for planting trees is to beautify the landscape plan and make it appear more appealing. A beautiful landscape plan is aesthetically pleasing to everyone who views it. It can also add curb appeal to any residential landscaping project because trees help give a better backdrop to the home than many other plant materials. 

Site Evaluation 

One of the most important steps in the residential landscaping process is a site evaluation. This process will provide a basis for evaluating the site and determine whether the landscape features will provide the intended effects. 

The site evaluation should include the measurement of the property lines, foot traffic, current and future property lines, access to the property lines and the boundaries of the property. This information will be used to determine what type of planting should be done on the land, where it should go, and how it should be arranged. The purpose of a site evaluation is to help in making the best possible decision regarding your landscaping project. 


A front yard landscape layout is important in residential landscaping for any property. Landscaping should include characteristics that enhance the look and feel of a property and for more open space, a front door or veranda helps create a welcoming atmosphere for the household.  

The open space or front yard can also be made into a play area for children and a place for entertaining guests. 

Landscape shrubbery is used to add colour, beauty and texture to yards. The lawn should contain grass, overhanging trees, bushes and flowers. Many people hire residential landscaping Melbourne services to design and maintain the lawn. That way the responsibility can be handed over to the professionals and sometimes its worth saving the stress. If you’re still set on taking up the job yourself, then it’s important to consider other factors and features that can help your landscaping project along the way. 


Other key features of residential landscaping are the irrigation systems, plantings and shrubbery. Irrigation systems can include ground drip feeders, sprinklers, no-till methods and landscape pumps. These irrigation systems are designed to aerate and fertilize the soil, keep plants healthy and allow them to absorb more water and nutrients. This helps reduce the usage of water, use up more of the land and extend the life of plants. 

Homeowners should also include features such as decking, steps, pools, fountains and lighting with a well-landscaped lawn that will improve the curb appeal and value of your home.  


Residential landscaping maintenance includes mowing, trimming, planting, mulching, weeding and seeding. A landscape contractor can help with bringing your landscape design to life but can also keep it looking the way you want too. If you decide to get help with your landscaping project, sometimes it’s also worth getting the adequate maintenance with your new space too.  

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