How Much Does Lawn Installation Cost?

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When it comes to lawn installation, there are several things to remember. For one thing, sod is relatively hard to install, which means it needs to be flat and even. Sod also tends to dry fast, so it is vital to avoid overlap between rows. 

After sod installation, the soil should be raked to a final grade of about 2 1/2 inches. To make the lawn even, use edging such as brick, concrete, or plastic to keep a uniform grade across the lawn.

Pros and Cons of Sod

There are many benefits of hydroseeding or sod in lawn installation. The most significant advantage of sod is its instant appeal, although it requires more water for two weeks. Also, the initial maintenance is less complicated with sod, which has a tight root system. But, it’s also more susceptible to disease than seeded lawns and is more expensive than artificial turf. However, if your budget allows it, sod is a good choice.

Lawn Installation

For bigger yards, landscape companies will charge more for sod and labour. Modern homes don’t have much space for grass compared to the past. While some urban areas don’t allow for large amounts of grass, homes in suburban areas and rural areas often have quarter-acre-plus yards. The cost for a single acre will depend on your type of sod and lawn.

Buying Turf and Hiring Installers

Before hiring a professional to install your lawn, consider how much time it takes to maintain it. The cost depends on the size of your lawn, its location, and its traffic. You may also want to consider the type of soil underneath the turf. If you’re considering artificial grass, you’ll need to remove some soil and gravel. You’ll also need to remove sprinkler heads and rocks.

Another critical aspect of lawn installation is finding a company that uses top brands. For help choosing the right grass type, call a landscaping company. Many companies offer free estimates, but you may need to pay for the services of a professional. 

For a high-quality lawn installation, you should choose a company that employs professionals with many years of experience in landscaping. This will ensure that the result of your landscaping project is as attractive as possible. A company we can recommend is the All Turf Gold Coast

Lawn Installation

Before you begin lawn installation, you should decide what season is best for you. Spring and fall are the best times to lay sod. Make sure to choose a warm, dry day for the job. If you live in a humid or warm climate, you can install sod in the winter, saving you time and money. Then you can seed the lawn in the spring, preventing weeds from sprouting when it’s still hot.

If you are hiring a lawn installation company, you should also consider the labor cost. The labour price varies significantly between companies. Avoid paying too little for the work, as this is probably a scam. 

Lawn Maintenance

In addition to proper lawn installation, ensure to monitor your lawn’s health after it is installed. Inspect the soil around the grass and check for signs of insect infestation. If it’s wilting, likely insects are living in the grass or feeding on the grassroots. 

You should also look for holes in the soil. Some diseases can ruin your lawn, so pay close attention to these conditions. The result will not only be a healthier and lusher lawn, but also an attractive home.

Lawn installation is a significant investment. But, if you want a beautiful and healthy lawn, it’s worth the effort and expense. Proper lawn installation will also save you time in the future as your lawn will require less maintenance.

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