Landlords Use Maintenance Checks To Evaluate Property Value Per Year

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property maintenance

Property maintenance and rental property maintenance, also known as landlord property maintenance, are both the two main activities involved in taking care of a residential property. However, property maintenance differs from landlord property maintenance in that the latter is the process of looking after the property while the former involves the actual maintenance. Here is an overview of property maintenance services offered by property maintenance departments.

The first service provided by property maintenance is property maintenance inspection. This is the first service listed on the rental maintenance schedule. This will include a property maintenance inspection of the property to make sure everything is in good condition, including electrical wiring, plumbing, drainage, painting, and other aspects vital to safety and comfort. After the property maintenance inspection, the inspector will submit a report on the findings to the landlord.

Hire Professionals

Landlords may choose to hire property maintenance professionals to do some or all of this work. Property maintenance professionals can help identify repairs that need to be made, lay down the work orders, and make sure the work is done right. They can also make sure that all permits and licenses are in place to carry out repairs and maintenance work. When hiring property maintenance services, it is important to provide the property maintenance company with a copy of the current building code for the property is maintained. Specific requirements may vary depending on the property maintenance provider.

The second service provided by property maintenance is tenant screening. Some landlords perform tenant screening to find out if people living in the property are responsible enough to pay the rent. Others perform a check to see if there are any complaints about the tenant in the area or with the Better Business Bureau. Either way, the goal is to get people that won’t pay the rent into the property, thereby reducing vacancies and lowering property maintenance costs. By screening tenants, landlords can also avoid having to do necessary repairs or replacements. Sometimes, by making simple changes to the property, more expensive repairs can be avoided.

Emergency Maintenance Services

Many property maintenance providers also offer emergency maintenance services. If a pipe bursts or the furnace breaks, the landlord can call in a maintenance professional right away. The same goes for electrical problems or a water heater break. By using an emergency maintenance professional, the landlord not only saves money on repairs but also has someone available to handle emergencies when they occur.

property maintenance

Common Tasks

Property maintenance can be broken down into many tasks. Some of the most common tasks include cleaning and disinfecting, painting and applying window coverings, inspecting air conditioning units, electrical systems, sprinkler systems, exterior doors and locks, gardens and landscaping, backyards and deck maintenance, pool maintenance, and garbage removal. Some property maintenance tasks require specialized equipment such as backhoes, skid steers, backhoes, and power-washing equipment. Other tasks can be handled effectively through manpower, as long as certain aspects are followed. For example, in multifamily apartments, all parties involved in daily property maintenance must meet up at the property’s address for a pre-arranged maintenance schedule to avoid missing any tasks or having non-work crews remove debris and trash from one property and move it to the next.

One way to save time and money through routine maintenance tasks is to assign individuals or groups of individuals (a team, if necessary) to perform certain tasks. If several different people are responsible for many different tasks, each person can have their own set of daily or weekly chores. This division of work helps everyone stay on track and does not leave any time or money for less important tasks. Team members can also assign tasks to others on their team, further reducing the workload.

Of course, property maintenance costs are not the only thing property owners and landlords use to evaluate their property value per year. Market prices are very important to landlords too. By building a property, landlords can increase its value, and sometimes, add on additional rental income. When they take the time to add up the cost of repairs, they may see that the cost savings allow them to build more buildings. This strategy can also result in extra profits for investors.

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