How Does One Measure Up House Cleaning Prices?

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Cleaning the house is not a light-duty job. It is a serious task that needs to be completed with careful planning. When organizing house cleaning services it is important to understand the house cleaning services available and the house cleaning cost associated with them. The house cleaning cost depends on many factors. One such factor is the kind of house you live in.

House Cleaning Checklist

A house cleaning checklist helps you to arrange the cleaning jobs that need to be done in your house. A house cleaning checklist helps you prioritize and perform the required cleaning jobs. The list includes light fixtures, vacuum cleaners, wall and floor tiling, baseboards, windows, cabinets, toilets, shower curtains, bathtubs, sinks, cooking range, garbage disposal and kitchen cleaning supplies. Other house cleaning essentials include rugs, furniture covers, window treatments, blinds and other window coverings. The checklist also includes the tasks that can be assigned to other members of the house cleaning staff and the house cleaners. Some of the house cleaning checklist items include household soaps, household sponges, household bleach, toilet bowl disinfectant, disinfectants for handwashing and cleaning of the bathtub, rags, laundry detergents, dishwashing liquid, cleaning fluids, hand sanitisers, floor buffers and tile mop water purifiers.

House Cleaning Prices

House cleaning prices generally depend on the complexity of the project, the size of the house and its location. The average house cleaning cost is usually around two hundred US dollars to four hundred US dollars for a full room cleaning. There are house cleaning costs as low as eighty cents per square foot. The price of a light fixture is around eight cents per light fixture and the price of an electrical appliance is around forty cents per appliance.

The price list is an average cost, which can vary from one house cleaning agency to another. They base the prices on different parameters such as the location of the house cleaning agency, the number of house cleaning staff and the type of equipment used. There are house cleaning agencies which charge a flat fee which includes all cleaning services. There are also agencies which have a cost per hour or hourly rate.

house cleaning

The cost of house cleaning varies according to the type of house cleaning supplies used. The average cost of house cleaning services is two hundred US dollars for a full room cleaning. A professional house cleaning service, which uses industrial-strength commercial cleaning products will cost more than an average house cleaning service that uses standard house cleaning supplies. The house cleaning service, which uses a professional janitorial cleanser may need to hire another person to help it clean the house. This extra help will add up to the total price.

House cleaning prices are calculated by adding the price of each service and dividing it by the number of rooms to be cleaned. The price is usually expressed per square feet so that if a house cleaning service uses fifty feet of bathroom space, it will be charged per square foot. For example, if a house cleaning service uses one thousand square feet of house cleaning space, it will be charged one thousand dollars per square foot. This price is for a one-time cleaning only and not a repeat job.

Some house cleaning costs are based on factors like what part of the house the service is to be done. Factors like whether the house is carpeted or carpet-less helps determine the price of the house cleaning services. Factors like whether there are closets and/or cupboards in the house to determine what kind of items are to be cleaned. Other factors like whether the house cleaning service is to be hired for an afternoon or an entire day are also considered in house cleaning costs.

Once the factors like the number of rooms and its sizes are determined, a list of house cleaning services is prepared. Each service is given a price, which is then compared with other cleaners in the area. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell whether a particular service is good or not. So, a third party is brought in, who can judge the company by looking at the cleanliness of the house and comparing the prices. If the house cleaning services are found to be better than the competitors, the price is adjusted accordingly. After the adjustments are made, the house cleaning service is notified and all the house cleaning has to be done the following day.

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